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War of the Crystal

War of the crystal is set 6 months after the events of Destiny of the Crystal.

Aldrik and the people of Celestra are rebuilding the city and  kingdom but evil is not far away in the form of skeleton Lord Poebetor who uses the crystal to resurrect Balok. 

The gods intervene and  in a ferocious battle  the gods are defeated.

Victorious Balok with the help of a sorceress and Poebetor use the crystal to resurrect an army of goblins to finally defeat Aldrik.

As evil creeps through the kingdoms Aldrik must raise an army to defeat Balok with only Nog, drunken Titus and a princess to help him.


So begins a power struggle for possession of the crystal, a battle to finally defeat the dark forces and bring peace to the realm.

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