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Props, Masks, Tricks and a Green Sheet

War of the Crystal has many creatures starring in the film both good and bad. Each creature is either sourced as a CGI animation (computer generated image) or we film an actor wearing heavy make up, masks and a bulky costume which can include real metal armour. 
Occasionally more than one of the same creature has to appear in the same scene.
Subtle differences between the two creatures are created in two ways.
Firstly we can create a second mask and costume so the two actors can talk to each other whilst standing next to each other, or we can use just one masked actor and film them twice in front of a green screen, switching the point of view, and then blend the two film clips together so they appear as two different creatures next to each other.
When a character gets shot by an arrow this again is either a computer generated animation or we can use a 'dummy'arrow which we can insert into the actors costume (or mask), giving the impression that they have just been shot.
The same technique is used in our landscapes. Where possible we film in real locations, local woodland, Lake District mountains, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Wales have all appeared in the films. We've also filmed in caves, quarries and mines and just recently an old WW2 bunker (in the film its a dungeon). Where the landscape is more fantasy then real then CGI and green screen filming are used.
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